How to initiate Kaspersky Quick Scan?

Kaspersky offers you all a comprehensive range of security solutions and antivirus to fight against the malware, virus, ransomware, spyware, and other online threats as well as frauds. For this, the antivirus or software keeps on running in the background. Also, it schedules periodic scans and automatically fixes out the virus attacks along with the other issues.

Kaspersky Support Number

Kaspersky scan takes some time to accomplish and if you are in rush and want your files, software and applications to be scanned fast then choose Kaspersky quick scan feature. During this super-quick scanning process, the antivirus scans the files that are loaded when the operating system (Windows or some other) startup, system memory and boot sectors of the computer system.

The best part of the Kaspersky Quick Scan is that this can be started remotely (if you cannot then dial the Kaspersky support number and receive instant help from an expert) on devices, which are protected by the following Kaspersky solutions:

  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security

You can use this quick scan feature on one managed device as well as on all the managed devices simultaneously. For the former, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Visit the Home section and open Devices on the installed Kaspersky product
  2. If you are unable to open it then contact Kaspersky support number and get an instant help from a technician.
  3. Now, click Manage button on the interface of the device you want to initiate scan on
  4. You can now see the device management window
  5. The tab named information will be selected in the window, by default
  6. Now, choose the Quick Scan tab
  7. Click the Start button

During the entire process of scanning, you will see a progress indicator that will show the percentage complete and the time remaining. You can also see the Stop button to allow you stop the scan in the middle.

It will display the scanning report after the percentage bar reaches to 100.

Steps to start the quick scan on all managed devices simultaneously

  1. Open the Kaspersky product installed on your device
  2. Visit the Home section
  3. Now, choose the Devices submenu
  4. Choose Group tasks segment and then hit the Quick Scan button
  5. Scan progress window will be displayed on the panel
  6. Wait until the scan finishes!

After following the aforementioned steps, if you still cannot enable the quick scan feature, then reaching out to the Kaspersky support number is recommended. The team of technicians offers 24*7 support services to help you fix the issues you face with the Kaspersky products.

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