How to renew your Kaspersky License?

Kaspersky is one of the biggest names among the providers of online security products and services. Kaspersky antivirus range has been designed and developed keeping in mind the diverse specifications and needs of the consumers and businesses. Compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile devices (Android and iOS), Kaspersky antivirus offer the customers 24*7 customer support and endpoint protection from all kinds of online threats, frauds, viruses, and hacking attacks that can steal your confidential information.

Kaspersky Support Number

To enable this protection, all you need to do is get the right antivirus and then activate it on your device.
During purchase, you get the option to select auto-renew feature so your PC never face any kind of virus or hacking attack. In other words, this auto renewal feature automatically renews your subscription before it expires.

For any reason, if you forget enabling this feature during purchase then this article will provide you complete info on how to renew your Kaspersky license. Make sure you renew before the active subscription expires. And if you don’t remember the expiration date, then check out these steps to figure out the same:

  1. Open your Kaspersky product
  2. Under the Menu, check the product license details
  3. Here you can see email ID used for the purchase of your product along with the expiration date and other detail

You can also check the same by visiting your Kaspersky My Account. If you are still not able to find the date, call Kaspersky support number and get an instant help from an expert.

After checking out the date, if you find that the license is about to expire then follow these steps to renew the Kaspersky license:

  1. Visit the Home section
  2. Open the Licenses subsection
  3. Click the Renew button available on the panel of the expiring license
  4. Now, you will be redirected to the shopping cart
  5. Select the renewal option of your choice
  6. Complete the license renewal process
  7. Make the payment
  8. Once the payment is done, you can see the new expiration date on the
    Kaspersky antivirus installed on your device
  9. Your device is protected!

At any step of time, if you face any difficulty or encounter an error, pick up your phone and dial Kaspersky customer support number, the services of which are active for all day long. A technician or expert will immediately provide you the best Kaspersky support.

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