May 1, 2018

Kaspersky Activation

Kaspersky antivirus gives reliable security services to its users across the world by protecting their data and device. The antivirus gives user-friendly interface, recovery and backup features, highly configurable network, improved performance, and other additional services.

If you have purchased the security product from an online retail store, you will get a package that will contain a CD/ DVD and a unique Kaspersky activation code. If the purchase is made by the official website or online source, in such a case, you will receive your activation code via the main send to you on your registered email address that you used while registration. Keep the code safe or as you will need it while the activation of the product.

Please note that the steps of downloading, installing, and activating the product might slightly vary depending on the web browser and its version you are using.

How do you download Kaspersky Antivirus on your PC?

  1. Open a web browser with its latest version installed and browse for the Official Kaspersky website
  2. Once you are directed to the main page, you will have three options on the top menu, select or simply take the cursor on “My Kaspersky”
  3. From the appeared drop-down menu, click “My Products/ Subscriptions”
  4. A new tab will open up, click on the Sign in button available at the middle of the page as well as in the top-right section of the tab
  5. On the appeared pop-up, enter the email address and password associated with the Kaspersky
  • If you are a new user of Kaspersky product and don’t have an account on the page, click on Create an account available at the bottom of the sign page
  • Enter the requested details and mark agree on the check box at the bottom of the sign up form
  • After doing all the process, click ‘Create account’ and enter your details to login
  1. Click Sign in to continue
  2. Go to your profile and choose the antivirus product that you have purchased
  • Or else, buy a product by going through its detailed services
  • Select to purchase and enter the required details to complete the billing step
  • You will receive a unique Kaspersky activation keycode on your registered email address
  • After this, you will be enabled to download the product
  1. Click Download option
  2. When asked, select your Device type and version

The security software will either start to download automatically. In another case, if the download does not start on its own or you do not see a download option, get Kaspersky Support Number to fix the problem. After downloading the product, follow directions to install the antivirus software on your pc for better protection.

How do you install Kaspersky Antivirus on your PC?

  1. Double-click on the downloaded file and, if asked, select autorun or Kaspersky setup
  2. Select your country and language and continue to the next step
  3. Enter the license and agreement policy by marking on the checkbox when directed
  4. Type in your Kaspersky Activation code in its respective field
  5. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the process

Once the steps are completed, the installation will begin automatically. The process might take a little time. While the installation is undergoing, make sure that you do not shut down the PC or close the installation window. As the course of action completes, it is recommended to activate the product.

If you are already using the security software on your PC, log in to your account and check for the subscription details of your product. If you are exceeding the validity, renew the subscription or activate the software as follows.

How do you activate Kaspersky Antivirus on your PC?

  1. Open a web browser and log in to your Kaspersky account
  2. Launch the product on your system’s screen
  3. Click on Activate/ Update option and a browser tab will open
  • If not, then check if you have an active internet connection
  1. If you are requested to chose your device, enter the device type
  2. Type-in your Kaspersky activation key and submit

Follow the instruction when given and required to complete the activation process. A confirmation pop-up will appear and the software is now activated. If you have activated Kaspersky installed on your PC, you have access to many advanced features depending on the product you have.

Benefits of having Kaspersky activation:

  • Records analysis- Scans viruses, spyware, and Trojans to give you a high level of Antivirus protection
  • Gives you device data security as it automatically blocks malware from phones & tablets
  • With its App Lock feature, the app enables you to add a hidden code to access your private messages, photos, and other sensitive data and information
  • Using the ultra-advanced technology, the security software tracks & finds your Android phone or tablet in case it’s lost or stolen
  • Protects your vulnerable personal information from prying eyes with its Anti-Theft functionality
  • Subscribed users have the service of Anti-Phishing that keeps their financial information protected while shopping or making online bank transactions
  • Extending services with call blocker tool that helps in blacklisting unwanted phone calls and text/spam messages
  • Kaspersky’s activated security product makes internet surfing safe by adding Web filter to dangerous links & sites

In case, you encounter any error with the antivirus product, get in direct touch with Kaspersky customer support to resolve the issue.